Mother Defends Her Choice to Co-Sleep

Mother Defends Her Choice to Co-Sleep

co-sleeping mother and baby

When Jenny Evans was pregnant, she vowed she would never co-sleep.

“I knew all the research about bed sharing and SIDS, so I just decided to do the right thing and put my son in a crib from day one,” stated Evans.

But two weeks into parenthood, the nights were taking their toll on her and before she knew it, Jenny’s son was in bed with her and her husband.

“And he’s been sleeping with us ever since!” she said.

Evans was quick to defend her decision to co-sleep.

“We made sure the mattress was firm and had tight fitting sheets. And when he was a really little baby, we always made sure he was on his back.”

Since deciding to co-sleeping, she says everyone is getting much better rest.

“I really can’t imagine it any other way now. We all just snuggle in and wake up rested and feeling great!”

But not everyone agrees with her choice to co-sleep. At a recent family gathering, Evans says her family sat her down, intervention-style, to protest her sleeping arrangements.

“My mother told me co-sleeping isn’t healthy for my son. She said it’s time to move him to his own bed once and for all. It’s not like I haven’t TRIED to move him to his own bed.  I have! But every night around 2 am, he finds his way back into our bed. It seems like the older he gets, the more stubborn he becomes!”

Evans’ mother says her daughter’s decision to continue co-sleeping is unacceptable.

“My grandson is going to college in the fall, for Pete’s sake! Enough is enough!”

When asked if she will continue to co-sleep when her son goes off to college, Evans responded, “Oh no! That would be ridiculous. We’re planning to switch to bunkbeds in the fall.”

Evans’ son insists he gets the top bunk…that is, until around 2 am when he climbs in the bottom bunk with his mom.


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