Mom Arrested for Leaving Children Unattended in Car

Mom Arrested for Leaving Children Unattended in Car


Police got word yesterday afternoon of two children left unattended in a parked car at the local grocery store.

The call came in from an unidentified Good Samaritan at 3:19 p.m. The Good Samaritan stated the children, both toddlers, were screaming and crying with the windows rolled up. The supposed mother just walked away.

Police responded to the call immediately and arrived on the scene shortly after.

“We take these sorts of crimes very seriously,” stated police chief, Tim Idman.

The accused, 36-year-old Anita Breakers, allegedly buckled both children into their car seats, slammed the doors shut, and walked in the other direction.

“But…I was just taking my shopping cart back to the cart corral,” Breakers stated.

When questioned why she left the windows rolled up, Breakers responded, “Um, it’s winter,” with indignation.

The Good Samaritan, who regularly stakes out parking lots to patrol such offenses, pointed out that both children were obviously under duress as they were both crying uncontrollably.

“I’ve seen this mother at the grocery store before,” stated the Good Samaritan. “This isn’t the first time she’s left her kids alone in the car. I’ve been waiting in the parking lot for seven days straight just to catch her once and for all.”

When the police questioned the accused as to why her children were crying, an exasperated Breakers yelled, “They’re toddlers! And they’re harnessed into car seats! Of course they’re crying!”

The police arrested Breakers and took her into custody. She will appear in local court at a later date.

The Good Samaritan is patiently sitting in the car with the children until she gets out of jail.



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