Rose’s Roses – A Mother’s Day Story

Rose’s Roses – A Mother’s Day Story

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On Mother’s Day, Rose woke up with an idea.

“I’m going to buy my mom a bouquet of her favourite flowers!” she said.

She dumped all the change out of her piggy bank and said, “Come on, Dad. We’re walking to the flower shop.”

Rose said, “I’d like six fresh, red roses please.”

“Sure thing,” said the florist. “Are they for someone special?” he asked.

“They’re for my mom for Mother’s Day,” said Rose. “Roses are her favourite flower. That’s why she named me Rose, right dad?”

Rose’s dad smiled and nodded his head.

The florist tied the roses together with a big blue ribbon and handed them to Rose.

“Thank you,” Rose said to the florist. “They’re perfect!”

On the way home, Rose stuck her nose in the flowers and took a big sniff.


Rose sighed. They smelled so good!


When she looked up, she saw a man. He was sitting on a bench all by himself. His sweater was holey and so were his shoes. He looked sad.

“Dad,” Rose said. “That man looks sad. Can I give him one of mom’s roses to cheer him up?”

Rose’s dad smiled and nodded his head.

Rose took not one, but two roses from the bouquet. Confused, her father looked on as she skipped over to the man.

“Excuse me, sir?” Rose said. “This rose is to cheer you up!”

The man’s eyes lit up as a smile took over his face.

“And THIS one,” she said, “is for you to give to someone else who needs cheering up.”

The man looked at Rose’s dad to see if it was okay to take the flowers.

Rose’s dad smiled and nodded his head.

“Why thank you, little girl!”

He stuck his nose in the flowers and took a big sniff.


The man chuckled. They smelled so good!


At the crosswalk, Rose heard a boy and girl arguing.

“I’m mad at you because YOU said THIS!”

“Well I only said THIS because YOU did THAT!”


“Dad, those teenagers sound mad. Can I give them each one of mom’s roses so they can make up?”

Rose’s dad smiled and nodded.

Rose jumped between the two teenagers and yelled, “Stop arguing this instant!”

The teenagers looked startled.

Rose grabbed two roses from her bouquet. She gave one to the boy and one to the girl.

“Now, you give her your rose and you give him your rose,” she said.

The teenagers looked at Rose’s dad. He smiled and nodded his head.

The teenagers exchanged roses.

“Now say you’re sorry,” Rose said.

“We’re sorry,” they said.

The teenagers stuck their noses in their flowers and took a big sniff.


They both laughed. They smelled so good!


As they walked through the park, Rose heard a woman yelling.


Scruffy ran by barking, “Ruff! Ruff! Ruff!”

The woman paused to catch her breath.

“Please help me catch my dog!” she said.

Just then, Rose had an idea.

She tossed a rose across the grass and called, “Fetch, Scruffy! Fetch!”

Scruffy turned in his tracks and ran back to fetch the rose. He scooped it up and ran it back to Rose.

“Good dog!” Rose said and she scratched behind his ear.

“Oh thank you, little girl!” the woman said as she hugged her dog.

“No problem! Scruffy can keep his rose and here’s one for you too,” Rose said.

The woman looked at Rose’s dad. He smiled and nodded his head.

She stuck her nose in her flower and took a big sniff.


The woman smiled. It smelled so good!


When Rose got home, she ran into the kitchen to give her mom her present.

“Mom! Mom! I got you roses for Mother’s Day!” she yelled.

Rose held out her hand to give her mom her flowers, but when she looked down, all she had was an empty blue ribbon. Rose burst into tears.

“OH NO, I GAVE THEM ALL AWAY!” she wailed.

Rose’s mom scooped her up and dried her tears.

“Tell me what happened,” Rose’s mom said.

Rose sat on her mom’s knee and told her about the man on the bench. She told her he looked sad so she gave him two roses to cheer him up. Then she told her mom about the two teenagers arguing at the crosswalk, and how Scruffy got away from his owner and how she got him back.

Rose’s mom sat beaming as she listened to the stories. She gave Rose a big hug.


“I’m SO proud of you Rose.”

“Why? I gave away ALL your roses. Now I have nothing to give you for Mother’s Day,” Rose pouted.

“I’m proud because you brightened everyone’s day with your kind heart. I don’t need any roses from the store,” she said.

Then she tied the big blue ribbon around Rose and said, “YOU’RE the only Rose I’ll ever need for Mother’s Day!”




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