WANTED: Guest Bloggers

WANTED: Guest Bloggers


Could you write a Momologue?

Then hop to it and send it my way! I am looking for a handful of guests to write a post for my blog. It can be funny, embarrassing, silly, serious, reflective or sweet. It can be anything, really. I want to hear your perspective on life with little ones.

WHO can submit? Anyone. You don’t have to be a parent to have a perspective on life with kids. Naturally, moms, dads and grandparents have some relevant material, but so do aunts, teachers, siblings etc. It’s really wide open.

WHAT is she looking for? I want personal stories (essay style or lists) between 400-800 (give or take) words. Please no mean-spirited rants or righteous posts. I’m looking for all kinds of stories, particularly things I can’t write about: being a dad, parenting ‘back in the day’, adoption, multiples, teens and so on. I’m also a sucker for anything sentimental, and humor always does well. I also appreciate stories about heartache, loss, mental health. Surprise me!

WHEN is it due? All stories are due on or before March 1st, 2015.

WHERE do I send my masterpiece? Send your submission as a word document to llcarmody@gmail.com. Type: Momologues Submission in the subject, and put a little bio in the body of the email.

WHAT’s in it for me? I’m obviously not going to pay you. Get a grip. BUT, I’ll post some of the stories on my blog, which means anywhere from 20 (my worst post) to 2000 (best post) people will read your story. It’s a way to connect and share a piece of yourself with others. AND the best story will be published in an upcoming issue of G! Magazine.

If you’re still reading this post, clearly you’re interested in submitting a story. Now, before you get all weird and self-conscious and start thinking negative thoughts, let me talk you down. If you’re thinking:

I’m not a writer though.

Frig off, neither am I. Margaret Atwood is a writer. I’m just looking for stories. You can write down a story.

I forget how to punctuate.

So do I. Who cares?

I can’t spell.

Again, who cares? Just try. I’ll do a mediocre edit if it goes on my blog and then, if it goes to G!, it’ll get a proper edit. They’ll make you look like a grammar guru.

I’m not funny.

The funny posts often don’t do as well as the genuine ones. Tell an honest story full of heart and integrity. People will relate.

I don’t have time.

Seriously? How much time do you spend scrolling Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? How many hours do you spend playing online scrabble? Watching Game of Thrones? You don’t have time my ass. Write me a story, you punk.


On that note.

I eagerly await your submissions.


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