The Little Things Challenge

The Little Things Challenge

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They say it’s the “little things” that help to keep a relationship strong. This notion prompted me to ask my friends what “little things” their loved ones do for them to make them feel special. I loved reading the responses as they poured in. Here’s the list. The ideas range from just-plain thoughtful to down-right quirky. The common thread is simplicity. Most of these things are very doable, so naturally, I’m going to ask you to do them.

I challenge you to do a “little thing” for a loved one for the next 14 days. You can choose to do the same thing every day, or do something different each day for two weeks. (Note: This 14 day window covers Valentine’s Day, so you won’t have to buy that last minute gift if you accept my challenge.) You are free to adapt and modify the suggestions to fit the person you choose. There is no right or wrong way to execute this challenge. The only rule is you must do it without expecting your loved one to do anything in return. Let’s start a “little things” revolution!


He makes me breakfast.

He makes me coffee just the way I like it.

He never leaves the house without saying, “I love you.”

He tucks me into bed every night.

He makes the bed.

He cleans my messy car.

She lets me leave a little messy pile of stuff by the door even though I know it drives her crazy.

He washes dishes and scrubs pots.

He lets me sleep in and take naps.

He brings me chocolate.

She rubs my back without me asking.

He fills my car with gas.

He unloads the dishwasher.

We are trying to get pregnant, so he wakes me up every day with a thermometer and records my temperature.

He shovels the driveway.

He writes me sweet messages in the dirt on my car then takes it through the car wash.

He sends me pictures from my favourite store to see if I like something before he buys it.

She leaves notes in random places for me to find later. I found a note in the dash of the car from our daughter’s first trip to the beach last summer. It was so fun to relive that day.

He refills my water bottle when I leave it lying around the house and puts it in the fridge.

He slaps my butt and tells me how much he loves me.

He gets the kids ready, packed, dressed and out the door for school so I can sleep in.

He shaves his beard for me.

He checks in when he’s working late.

He scrapes my car in the morning before he leaves for work.

He starts my car for me in the morning.

He cleans the bathroom top to bottom.

He changes all the diapers on the weekends.

He writes me messages in the snow.

He arranges my food in the shape of a heart when he cooks supper.

She makes me tea after I shovel the driveway.

He leaves two fresh towels by the shower for me every day.

He sneaks sweet post-it notes into my lunch bag.

He opens the door for me.

He holds my hand when it’s icy.

He watches our daughter so I can go workout.

He treats me like a princess.

He makes me feel like more than just a mom.

He tells our son I’m pretty and smart.

When I’m frenzied, he grabs me, looks me in the eyes, holds my cheeks, and says, “I love you.”

When we are walking, he won’t let something (like a post) split us apart. He’ll stop and come around to my side.

He lies on my side of the bed to warm it up before I get in.

He lets me put my cold feet between his knees when I get into bed to warm them up.

He comes with me when I run errands so I don’t have to park the car.

He drives our daughter around in the evenings so I don’t have to drive at night.

He drives me to work in bad weather and takes me back to get my car later.

He makes me delicious and nutritious meals every night for supper.

He stocks the freezer with homemade soups and curries when he goes away for work.

He makes me take two minutes to stop, look him in the eyes and connect.

He does daycare drop off.

He puts little videos on the iPad of him and the kids telling me how much they love me. He even gets the kids to kiss the screen.

He takes our son outside and tuckers him out so he’s ready for bed.

He gives me time to take a long, uninterrupted shower.

He makes up silly songs for me.

He tucks me on the inside of the sidewalk when we’re walking. Now my son does it with his sister too.

He loads the wood stove.

He loves my two kids even knowing one is special needs and will have to live with me his whole life.

He makes the most delicious Shepherd’s Pie and washes all the dishes when I’m out. He’s a keeper even after 29 years!


My mom strips and makes my bed for me when she’s over.

My four year old rubs my back if I’m upset or not feeling good.

My mom takes my dirty laundry home with her and washes it.

My mom regularly drops off supper for us.

My son brushes my hair.

My mom tells me what an amazing mom I am.

My son writes me notes like, “You are awsum.”

My six year old makes me breakfast in bed with a peanut butter sandwich and 7up.

My sister comes over to babysit, and I often come home to freshly baked muffins or cookies.

My dad takes my son anywhere and everywhere and brings him back tired and ready for bed.

My mom takes the baby monitor and kicks me out the door as fast as she can.

My neighbour brings us samosas and muffins.

My dad sends me funny messages and memes.

My friends make large batches of soup to give to each other regularly.

My four year old tells me he loves me over the moon and back, over heaven and all the planets.

My mom scrubs my floors.

My mom cleans my bathrooms.

My mom knits my kids sweaters.

My mom folds our laundry and sweeps the floors when she’s over.

My mom is so cute. When she’s over, she sneaks in and makes our beds.

My friend comes over and plays with my kids.

My friend comes over and does a yoga DVD with me.

My best friend surprises me at work with coffee and chit chat.

My son knows when I’m upset and gives me hugs.

My daughter sings “Skin-a-mar-ink” to me because she knows I love it—especially her version.

So there’s your great big list of “little things”. Go forth and spread the love!


4 thoughts on “The Little Things Challenge

    1. So true! I’ve been trying to pick something from the list everyday and do it for my husband. Sometimes it’s just pouring the coffee. But he appreciates it. And to be honest, as soon as my head is off the pillow, he’s pouring coffee for me, so it’s hard to beat him to it!

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