Three Simple Words

Three Simple Words

Do you ever spend the day propelling yourself deeper and deeper into a poor me funk?  Do you feel like you can’t get out of your own way sometimes?  Do you remind yourself of Pig Pen where his stink follows him around everywhere only with you it’s your bad vibe following you around?  Well if I were some new age hippie or something I’d tell you to go cleanse your aura, do some stretches, and call me in the morning. 

Good thing I’m not a new age hippie, huh?  Nope.  I’m not going to feed you some b.s. about your spiritual hygiene. 

Instead, I’m going to recommend you leave this post open for your dearest darlingest, your partner in life, your significant other, your sweet cheeks, your love muffin, to read once you walk away from the computer.  Because why should YOU do all the work adjusting your mood when you could just rely on your crutch in life to do it FOR you?!  Just joking…(sort of…)

A few weeks before Christmas, I was having one of those poor me days.  I was purposefully grumpy and nothing was going to stop me.  I’m fairly certain my thinking wrinkle between my eyes deepened itself by a frightening sum.  I was wearing my ‘don’t mess with me’ outfit.  (Plaid pajama bottoms one size too big, a maternity t shirt ((I’m not pregnant)) and a polka dot cardigan.)  It’s my ‘I give up on life’ outfit.  We all have one.  Don’t pretend you don’t.  We could dub that combo our Pig Pen outfit if you want.  Anyway, I didn’t have a shower that day even though The Beast took a nap.  Instead, during my free time, I decided to be grumpy and think about how grumpy I was. 

The day carried on like this through lunch time and into the afternoon.  Visitors came and upon encountering my mood mysteriously had appointments they had forgotten about and had to leave abruptly.  By four o’clock, when Husband was due home, I was a seething, fiery mess of flannel and hormones.  To top it off, Husband was a few minutes late.  How dare he pull into the driveway at 4:03 pm instead of 4:01?  I had an appointment with Dr. Phil and that licorice I was eyeing all day was not going to eat itself.  I was standing on the stairs, Beast in hand, trying to think of something legitimate to be mad at him for when he burst through the door.  He was all snowy and smiley.  He had bags of food and stories from the day.  He was warm and lovely.  He lunged for The Beast peeling him from my arms to give him a snuggle and a toss.  He was mid-sentence when he looked at me and said, “You look pretty.” 

I looked…pretty…?

I looked around to see if someone else was standing on the stair behind me.  There was no one there.  He was directing the comment to me.  

And he meant it.  I could tell. 

And I melted.  I might have even cried and had to wipe my nose on my polka dot cardigan.  I can’t remember.  The point is he turned my day around with three simple words. 

Your words can turn someone’s day around too, for better or worse.  So think before you say something nasty, but blurt the lovely things.  Let them burst out of you impetuously.  Tell your ‘love muffin’ how much you love her… muffins…?  Then tell her you’re sorry for nicknaming her love muffin and think of something better.  Seriously though, take notice and comment.  If you love something about your beloved, put it into words.  And it doesn’t have to be physical stuff.   If you mean it, say it.  She will appreciate it and it WILL come back to you in positive vibes.  I’m not saying go run downstairs and regurgitate what Husband said to me.  That won’t work.  It has to be real and it has to be in the moment.  Don’t hold back.  Do it!  Find those few simple words that have been procrastinating on the tip of your tongue for whatever reason and fire them out at your mate.  You can turn someone’s day around when they’re having trouble doing it for themselves.  What are you waiting for? Go!  Go!


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